Our Expertise

QCI is a leading provider of penetrators and artificial lift wellhead solutions offering a wide range of core products including penetrators, hangers, packers, adapters, tubing spools, monitoring systems, water source and BOP solutions.  With service centers in Houston and Odessa, Texas, Williston, North Dakota, and internationally in Muscat, Oman along with a network of distributors around the world, QCI has positioned itself as a leading solution provider to the Oil and Gas industry.
Field Service

QCI’s certified training program delivers the highest level of support at your wellsite. Our comprehensive training ensures you are receiving the latest best practices for installation of our products from our team of technicians or accredited installers. We offer this direct service support in North America and support other areas through our certified distributor network.

QCI's Service Facility Centers: QCI has five service centers strategically located in Houston, Texas; Odessa, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Williston, North Dakota and Muscat, Oman.  QCI’s new Oman facility provides direct support to the MENA region with a staff of certified technicians.  As QCI continues to expand into new territories, additional service support facilities will be opened to support your direct needs. In addition to offering technical support for QCI’s products, each service location holds inventory required to support local needs and additional services, such as testing, inventory management, and BPV services.

QCI's Certified Distributors are strategically located worldwide to support your local needs. Service is supported by local certified technicians. This training is supported by QCI’s dedicated training team who routinely provide training in our Houston training facility or locally to support your needs. 


QCI’s Engineering team is focused on innovation and is always looking for design improvements for our full line of ESP wellhead and packer penetrator solutions.

They are also exploring concepts and processes to better utilize equipment across artificial lift completions and maximize customers’ returns.

Utilizing the latest in 3D modeling tools, FEA analysis programs, and testing equipment, our experienced team works closely with our customers to provide effective and timely support.


At QCI, all of our products undergo rigorous testing in-house to ensure we are providing the best quality and most reliable systems to our customers. 
We have the capability to test for a variety of parameters that include pressure, temperature, decompression, as well as a multitude of electrical tests.

QCI has the capability to simulate well conditions to various cable connector designs. We can hydro test and apply heat simultaneously. Also, we can perform rapid decompression testing to samples (this is a computer correlation function). While samples are in the chambers, we can apply a constant current to them (up to 300 Amps) to obtain heat rise data. In addition, we can perform high voltage breakdown testing (up to 120kV).



Our highly-trained and certified technicians provide both domestic and international in-house and onsite training on QCI installation, components, and technology of QCI’s penetrator systems.

In-house training is performed at our Houston facility on a full-sized test well which allows us to fully simulate both wellhead and packer penetrator installations. For onsite training, QCI will send a certified training professional to the customer’s location and will include training equipment specific to the customer’s application. As a supplement to the onsite training, QCI further offers field training and installation supervision to ensure that everyone involved in the project is fully capable and comfortable performing penetrator installations.

QCI’s training program involves both a hands-on and theoretical understanding of the many different situations and applications that can be experienced during field installation. Upon successful completion of the training program, our customer’s personnel will be issued certificates confirming their ability to properly install QCI equipment.