About Us

QCI has defined itself as a leader of ESP cable and penetrator solutions with more than 25 years of focus on ESP’s. This dedication has delivered more than 20 innovative patents supporting ESP cable connections, ESP penetrators and ESP wellhead solutions. We have recently expanded our offering into supporting other facets of artificial lift with a continuous fluid level monitoring system, multi use production BOP solutions, water source well solutions, and flow assurance heater well technology.
Who is QCI?
  • We manufacture Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) wellhead solutions and packer penetrators

  • Founded in 1991

  • Over 25 years of QCI’s pioneering and engineering excellence has brought more than 20 patents to ESP cable solutions

A Company of Firsts...
  • First penetrator to receive a third party electrical listing for a wellhead penetrator

  • First to develop a three-legged penetrator solution

  • First to develop a continuous feed through wellhead penetrator

  • First field attachable installed system

  • First system to meet API recommendations to vent at wellhead

What we are known for?
  • ESP Penetrator Solutions

  • Unique, Adaptable, Global

  • ESP Wellhead Solutions

  • Reliability - 99.95%

  • Well Adaptation