• Ken Ricard

FRAC Protection for your ESP

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

New 10,000 psi ESP surface penetrator allows operators the opportunity to leave ESPs in the well during proximity frac operations.

Standard practice has been to pull adjacent wells in defense of offset frac operations for equipment and well protection. This leads to lost time production, resource strains, increased exposure to service and safety issues, and sometimes the loss of the well.

The QCI P5-10K delivers a full 10,000 psi protection that aligns to your wellhead rating and allows the ESP to be left in the well with annular monitoring and injection methods. With pull costs and lost production that can exceed $250,000 the QCI P5-10k has the ability to save operators thousands of dollars and reduce HS&E exposure.

See how QCI’s innovative solutions and rapid response with in-house installation services can save operating expenses and headaches. Stop by our booth May 13-17 at the SPE ESP Symposium at the Marriott Waterway Hotel in The Woodlands for a demo of production solutions that earn the moniker.