EchoStream™ - Continuous Fluid Level Monitoring System

Key Functions

  • Wireless fluid level measurement from surface

  • Patented electronically generated Multi-Sine burst for acquiring data

  • Adjustable amplitude, duration and frequency burst to produce the most accurate data

  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and controller influence, not a single snapshot in time

  • Supplement or substitute to sensitive downhole gauge

  • Enables pump control for ESP, Rod, and PCP pumps

  • Controller to maintain a set fluid level in the well

  • Easy setup

Enhanced Functions

• Permanent acoustic monitoring of production equipment

          › Tube leak detection

          › Pump anomalies

• Reservoir characterization

          › Pressure build-up curve

          › Well interference test

Reliability and Performance


Mean time between failures dramatically increased by introducing EchoStreamTM in 100 wells in 2007.